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The 6-Pack Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Shredded Abs

Miles Away From the Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of? Can you squat and bench heavy loads but are also carrying an extra load around the waist? Can you perform amazing boot camp and cross-training drills but don’t look like you’ve ever exercised a day in your life? Can you hit amazing running times but are still soft, saggy, and flabby ...

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Guide to Popular Ab Workouts (How To Get 6-Pack Abs – Weightloss, Fitness, Body Building)

ABOUT THE BOOK Ab workouts are an important aspect of physical fitness because the movements strengthen your torso. The focus should not be on a six-pack or washboard abs, but instead should be on developing core strength that will support the rest of your body, any heavy lifting, and, perhaps most importantly, your back. MEET THE AUTHOR Megan Yarnall is ...

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