Amazing Abs Boxed Set: Quick and Easy Solutions to Start Flexing and Sculpting (The Amazing Abs Plan Book 4)

Why Buy This Set?

Because you’ve always wanted to have those six-pack abs but never quite knew how to go about it. Well, this set details everything you ever needed to know to get those amazing abs that girls are sure to swoon over.

What’s Inside?

Book 1: Amazing Abs Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Doing Your Best with What You’ve Got
Chapter 2 – Getting Real ABS and Not A Big Stomach
Chapter 3 – Going Beyond Borders
Chapter 4 – You Are What You Eat, Literally!
Chapter 5 – Burning Fat Day In and Day Out
Chapter 6 – Getting Fired Up
Chapter 7 – The Dream Killers
Chapter 8 – Diet Solutions
Chapter 9 – Turbo-charging Your Abs Formation


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